Safe Space manifesto

Our Manifesto

There are  billions of apps and services floating on the internet. Some of them looks sketchy other provide enterprise grade services which saves lives and plays an essential role each day.  The Internet is flourishing with different types of apps, but more and more apps and services have something similar, it’s starting to be ok to track users across the whole web, spend VC backed money for unrealistic user acquisition. All of a sudden ever blue internet becomes restrictive and homogeneous. People give way to metrics, cookies becomes more important than bug reports. It’s hard to make the change once rat race has begun, and we are extremely lucky to be in the position to even try.  Safe Space is build with principles in mind 

Indie is the way

We will not raise any money for safe space development. Everything is build around that, we have no running infra to pay for each month. We are standing on the shoulders of a giant Apple, and it will remain like this.

Side project

it would be great to quit day jobs and work full time on safe space some day. But without user growth acceleration and huge marketing budgets it might take forever or might never happen, and that’s ok. The tool was build to fix our own needs at the first place with reasonable pricing. If it will never be able to generate enough income, to stay away from everything else. That’s fine. The app was build as a side project and will stay like this.

Old school stable software

Software is always changing, and it’s a superpower. But there are tools which we like just as is  and each time that apps gets updated with shifting layout, new features added for new audience, it leaves a bad taste in mouth. Not all the apps should become mega apps,  and not all of them should be redesigned each year. Some apps are just designed to be used sometimes and do 1 thing, and that’s exactly what we are building. Bug fixes and platform updates will always be our top priority, so please don’t consider Safe Space for its potential features, we’ll have huge plans, but adding new features will always remain priority #2


We’ll share everything! Have you been curious about how much money apps make in the app store? Or how much time it takes to go through app store review? Or how much time it takes to add this little feature? We’ll share everything.

Content first marketing

It might sound that we are not planning to do marketing, that’s not true. But all the marketing will be focused on new and unique content. Dev articles, illustration and animations, content is a kind, and we’ll support creators first